SV 2000 digital valve test sealing device

This device has all the features of digital valve testing and sealing device (V1000 and SD1000) altogether.

Power consumption: 24 volts, 20 amps (two motors)

Motor power: rotation 2 to 5 kg

Engine rate: 500 and 800 rpm

Clockwise, counterclockwise time: from 4 seconds to 120 seconds

Specifications: speed control/ clockwise, counterclockwise time control/alarm control, sealing time of each valve mouth

Capability to test valve sealing with an accuracy of 0.001 bar

Declaring the amount of valve sealing by a digital amp

Announcing the work result by optical and sound warning

A vacuum motor with power to simulate a spring

An oil vacuum pump with a single-phase motor

Engine power: one third of horse power

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Alarm control of sealing time of each valve’s opening