Rahmani Industrial Group, according to the needs of its colleagues and using the highest quality equipment, has produced and supplied to the market the valve sealing machine along with valve and cylinder head testing. Customer satisfaction in the long term is the view and opinion of the group in sustainable development and reflection with the customer.

According to the needs and strength of the market, the production devices of this collection are offered from medium level with low price to excellent level with reasonable price..

The success of Rahmani Group devices is the result of customer satisfaction over many years of working with devices. This group tries to use the highest quality equipment to make its devices so that the products have the best efficiency in the long run. By purchasing the valve sealing device and cylinder head test valve and induction heating connecting rod from Rahmani Industrial Group, you will receive the highest quality device available in the market with a valid 24-month warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

About Us

Rahmani Industrial Group is the first manufacturer of sealing and testing devices for valves, cylinder heads and induction heater connecting rods

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About Us

These devices include 9 models and are offered to you in three series: a (grade 1), b (grade 2), and c (grade 3) each of which have different price and guarantee time. The device purchased by the customer has a warranty card, which includes the serial number and guarantee period, and this warranty card is delivered to the customer along with the device. The delivery time of the device that comes under guarantee varies between 5 and 48 hours, and all the guarantee services of the device are handled by Rahmani Industrial Group. The devices of Rahmani Industrial Group are marketed by experts and have excellent quality and exclusive electronic boards and parts from Rahmani Industrial Group, and the life of these devices is very high. You can purchase the devices of Rahmani Industrial Group directly from the company or from authorized representatives of the company.